ARM Motorsports 7" Intercooler FMIC N54/N55 135i/335i

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• Gain up to 35whp/38wtq
• I89% Larger Than OEM
• 1hr Installation
• Ultra-Dense Fin Packs




At 805 cubic inches the ARM Motorsports 7” FMIC provides a significant increase in cooling efficiency over the 5" FMIC and the perfect intercooler upgrade for the N54 and N55 powered 135i/335i maxing out the stock turbos or running a turbo upgrade. With almost a 30% increase in size over our 5" intercooler upgrade, our 7" FMIC a respectable step up in overall volume for handling higher boost applications where the IAT's can rise quickly. 


At the heart of the ARM 7” FMIC is the intercooler core with our all new ULTRA-Dense fin packs. With 18 fins per inch, the ARM 7” FMIC is at the top of its class for core density and cooling performance. Not surprisingly, it can cool the charged air of your 135i as efficiently as intercoolers larger than it, without the pressure loss associated with those larger intercooler upgrades.


The ARM 7” FMIC measures 20 x 7 x 5.75 inches for a total of 805 cubic inches, almost DOUBLE the size of the OEM 135i intercooler and 180 cu in larger than our 5” FMIC. Combined with our Ultra-Dense fin packs, not only are you getting a substantially larger intercooler, but also one that utilizes its size efficiently for maximum cooling performance.


While testing the 7" FMIC for it's ability to cool the charged air, we found that IAT's increased only three degrees during a 3rd gear datalog. Considering our baseline test with the OEM intercooler resulted in a performance-robbing IAT increase of sixty degrees, the ARM 7" FMIC has 95% better cooling performance than the OEM 135i intercooler.



The ARM 7” FMIC is the first ever intercooler upgrade for the E82 135i that has been engineered with CAD designed CNC aluminum connectors for you to utilize either the OEM intercooler hoses or the ARM FMIC Hose Upgrade. Opting to utilize the OEM connectors will make for a faster and fully reversible install. While upgrading your 135i to the massive ARM 3 in. intercooler hoses, you will be giving your 135i maximum airflow by removing any restriction the OEM connections may have on the charged air.



When testing the 7" FMIC on a Stage 2+ N54 335i we found it made an average of 10whp/10wtq over our 5" FMIC upgrade and 35whp/38wtq over the OEM intercooler!

FITMENT: The OEM 7” FMIC does NOT require removal of the front bumper, but will require some trimming of the plastic behind the bumper. For more on finding the right FMIC upgrade for your 135i, check out our quick reference guide HERE.


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Make Chassis Model Engine
BMW E82 135i N54 3.0L
BMW E82 135i N55 3.0L
BMW E90 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E90 335i N55 3.0L
BMW E90 335xi N54 3.0L
BMW E90 335xi N55 3.0L
BMW E92 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E92 335i N55 3.0L
BMW E92 335is N54 3.0L
BMW E92 335xi N54 3.0L
BMW E92 335xi N55 3.0L
BMW E93 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E93 335i N55 3.0L
BMW E93 335is N54 3.0L

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