Framless Mount - VW Models (M6x16)

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Magnetic license plate mounts for your rear license plate.

Quickly remove or cover your license plate in seconds for car shows or photoshoots!

Easiest and quickest way to remove and cover your license plate!

Made with extremely strong N52 neodymium magnets good for 6.65lbs each! 

Frameless back plate mounts have been through testing at over 200mph on the race track and over 1 G-force with launch control. Bumpy, curvy, rough roads.... No problem! Some of the strongest magnets and an interlocking design has your plate locked in right where it needs to be! 


Comes with a set of:

  • Two screws (M6 thread)
  • Two plate mounts
  • One spacer (paint safe, keeps the license plate more sturdy)


screw size: 6mm x 1.0mm x 16mm