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•Insulates Charge Air From Engine Heat
• 5-Layer Steel Reinforced Silicone Piping
• Built for High-Boost Applications
 Precision CNC Machined Turbo Connections


The ARM S55 Silicone Charge Pipes allow you to maximize power on your S55 powered BMW by replacing the OEM charge pipes which are known for cracking.  Silicone charge pipes benefit the S55 engine over their aluminum counterparts by providing an extra layer of insulation.  Aluminum charge pipes conduct heat very easily between the engine bay and the charge air going from the S55's turbos to the intercooler, while silicone charge pipes provide a significant improvement in insulation between these two areas. 
The stock S55 charge pipes are notorious for developing hairline fractures at their plastic seams.  These fractures or cracks are unnoticeable to the naked eye, but under boost pressure they open up leaking the desired charged air into the engine bay, and consequently can rob your S55 of it's full power potential.  In addition, these leaks will cause boost leaks which cause your S55's turbochargers to work harder to hit and maintain target boost pressure.

The ARM S55 Silicone Charge Pipes replace the OEM plastic S55 charge pipes, ensuring that all of your charged air makes the transition from the turbos to the intercooler.


The piping of ARM S55 Silicone Charge Pipes are constructed of 5-layer steel-reinforced silicone, allowing them to handle the boost pressures in excess of 60psi.   We rely on our ARM S55 Silicone Charge Pipes to contain boost on our project F80 pushing over 30psi.  So whether you are stock or fully built motor, the ARM S55 Silicone Charge Pipes will be able to handle whatever you throw at them. 

The ARM S55 Silicone Charge Pipes utilize precision CNC machined adapters for mating up to the turbochargers' compressor outlets seamlessly, creating a secure, leak-free seal.


• ARM S55 Silicone Charge Pipes
• CNC Turbo Couplers
• Clamps


Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW F80 M3 S55 3.0L
BMW F82 M4 S55 3.0L
BMW F83 M4 S55 3.0L
BMW F87 M2 Competition S55 3.0L