Golf MK7/Mk7.5 Sequential Turn Signals

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The Volkswagen Golf's sequential turn signals are a feature of the car's lighting system that enhances the visibility and safety of the vehicle when turning.

Instead of a traditional turn signal that flashes on and off, the sequential turn signals use a series of individual LED lights that illuminate in a specific sequence to indicate the intended direction of the turn.

When the turn signal is activated, the first LED light illuminates, followed by the second, and so on until all the lights have illuminated in sequence, creating a dynamic sweeping motion that is both visually striking and informative to other drivers on the road.

This sequential turn signal technology has been widely adopted in recent years as an innovative and stylish way to improve the visibility and safety of turning vehicles. It not only looks impressive but also helps prevent accidents by making it clear in which direction the vehicle is turning, thereby reducing the risk of misinterpretation by other drivers.


  • Golf R MK7/Mk7.5
  • Golf MK7/Mk7.5
  • Golf GTI Mk7/Mk7.5
  • Golf Sportswagon
  • Facelift Golf MK7
  • Touran L II